At SomeGoodBuys, we are helping people make purchases they can feel good about. Our hope is that by curating purpose-driven brands you can leave a positive impact on yourself, your neighbour or heck, even the entire world. Is your purchase reducing your carbon footprint? Is there a charitable organization that will benefit? Are there good people behind doing great things behind the company? We can’t tell you what’s the most important to you, but we can light a path that leads you towards your own GoodBuy.

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It’s not what they make or what they do, but who they are. They are local, self-starters and inspirations. Meet some of the people behind these GoodBuys.

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Whether it’s how these items are made, or why they’re made, there’s something about them that demands a little bit more of your attention.

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What happens to your dollars after they’re spent? What are these brands about? Can they put their money where their mouth is? These GoodBuys are all about their charitable efforts.