Considering Vegan Products? You should read this.

When you hear vegan, you immediately think of dietary restrictions. But veganism goes beyond the kinds of foods you consume, including clothes and accessories and even the beauty products you use. With so many animal products and ingredients everywhere, making the transition to a vegan lifestyle (clothing and all) can seem like an uphill battle, so we’re here to help!  

From trendy accessories to practical beauty essentials, The Vegan Warehouse has a broad selection of vegan products to meet all your needs. Carefully curated with items from over 30 high-quality vegan brands to allow you to shop without compromising on your values. They believe vegan living should be easy and accessible to all. One of such brands is MERSI –  a PETA-approved vegan handbag and accessory brand created by The Vegan Warehouse in 2020.

Mersi is re-writing the rules of fashion to focus on the larger picture — a kinder, more loving world. Mersi offers a bold, et ever-classic style to help you celebrate your individuality without the sacrifices. 

Why Vegan Leather at The Vegan Warehouse?

We can attest that leather is a timeless piece of fashion. But as a culture, we have to learn and evolve. Understanding the harmful effects of animal cruelty, Mersi has vowed to find premium materials that would not compromise style or values. 

  • Their handmade goods are produced with fair labor and were designed by a fantastic team in Hoboken, NJ.
  • Unlimited options – with over 30 high-quality vegan brands to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice.
  • Opportunity to support animal welfare and sustainability without compromising on style and affordability. 

 If you’re interested in vegan leather, now is the time to give it a go. Not only will you feel good about protecting innocent animals, but you can also feel good about your purchase making a difference.

Why Vegan Leather at The Vegan Warehouse?

Lea Work Tote Bag
Chelsea 3-in-1 Crossbody
Ruby Top Handle_1800x1800

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