Some people need to know where their dollars go when they purchase. We know this because we are some people. Whether it’s a company’s charitable efforts, their carbon footprint, or simply who they are, we want to know how our purchases affect the world around us. This is why SomeGoodBuys exists.

Inspired by John Krasinski’s Some Good News, we are the leading curator of good buys – products, services that you can feel good about buying. We are a community of conscious shoppers who value putting out good out in the world, starting with spending our money.


We provide a place where conscious shoppers can spend their money how they feel is best. We can’t tell what’s most important to you, but we can light a path that leads you towards your own GoodBuy.


Brooke Robinson – Founder 

With inspiration from John Krasinski’s Some Good News, Brooke wanted to develop a hub for ‘feel good’ buys that differentiates brands from a sea of sameness. Some Good Buys was shaped with Brooke’s expertise from over a decade on the forefront of digital advertising along with her passion to build talented and innovative teams!

After launching her own consulting business in 2018, Brooke spearheaded the creation and expansion of AdParlor’s performance-marketing division. Prior to AdParlor, Brooke was instrumental in advancing Sun Life’s online ambitions, leading every aspect of the company’s first foray into social media before accelerating paid media efforts at GroupM and Publicis.

Brooke leans in on anything artistic with her taste music described as eclectic, including an intense love for Weird Al Yankovic, whom she has seen perform in concert five times to date.


Sabrina Kassam – Project Manager

As Project Manager on SomeGoodBuys, Sabrina has dedicated her expertise to drive our mission forward. Having lived and traveled to multiple parts of the world, she says “we all want to feel good when we buy things but our world has pushed us in a direction where we are no longer 100% conscious when making our purchases”.

Sabrina studied computer science and e-business in Austria and Belgium where she was raised. A native French speaker and fluent in 3 other languages, she decided to move to Toronto in 2018. Since her move, she has worked as a digital marketer for Publicis on TD bank’s account and currently as an account manager at AdParlor

Side by side, she launched a self-care blog focused on helping young professionals navigate through anxiety and stress at work. Always laughing and smiling, Sabrina never fails to bring optimism and positivity to any situation.


Jessica Jeffers – Media Director

Described as a “ray of sunshine,  Jessica is passionate about everybody feeling good about themselves, and SomeGoodBuys is the perfect avenue to exercise her passion!

Born in Manchester, United Kingdom-  Jes’ career began in Advertising, media -buying on behalf of many of the leading brands in e-commerce and it’s there she discovered her passion for scaling and growth on the platforms.

In 2018, Jes made the bold move to pack her bags and move to her new home of Toronto and eventually joined AdParlor as a Senior Media Manager buying in the performance team. Through scaling our clients’ accounts and helping the performance division elevate to the next level now she has recently been promoted to Director of Media Strategy whereby her strategic knowledge and expertise will help shape the next chapter of the media buying team and beyond! Jes is an avid tea drinker, and can also often be found shopping to which she admits she has a slight guilty pleasure.


Yaw Attuah – Creative Director

Yaw is proud to be the Creative Director for SomeGoodBuys. This Fort Erie, ON, native started his career as a Community Manager at creative agencies, shaping digital voices of brands early in the social media era. Yaw then made two very interesting pivots; one to writing and one to strategy.

This building of both his analytical and creative sides lead him to the Creative Strategist position at AdParlor and then a promotion to Director, Creative Services.

Prior to his current designation of director, Yaw has worked on world renowned brands like McDonald’s, Amazon, Nissan, and Toyota.


Moyin Bamgboye – Content Manager

Though originally from Lagos, Nigeria, Moyin had the opportunity to travel to and live in many places throughout her life. Moyin is a personable, curious, and skilled storyteller; naturally, a career in marketing communications was a perfect fit.

Even though her background is in Journalism, Moyin is passionate about creating impactful content that supports business growth and seeks to craft unique communications messaging that interests your key audience and engenders your brand to your future biggest fans.

Prior to working at AdParlor, Moyin has  worked in several industries including Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment, and Tech.


Our Wider Team

Our larger team consists of even more designers, directors, buyers and writers all committed to sourcing for and sharing the best “good buys”you can trust. Each of our experts brings unique tastes, values and interpretations of Good buys.