Amora Coffee

Amora was born from a love of coffee on the premise that fresh is best. Since 2011, their mission has been to share their passion for coffee and make a difference that you can taste, by bringing freshly roasted coffee direct to your door.


Myro offers hygiene products that are always clean, vegan, and effective at reducing waste. To date, Myro customers have collectively saved over 30 metric tons of plastic waste. That’s like removing 71 million plastic straws or 3 million plastic bags out of landfills.

Myro - The Everything Bundle
Myro - The Deodorant Starter
Myro - The Body Wash Starter


Scentbird offers an easy way for people to reduce waste and save money by subscribing to a 30-day supply of fragrances every month. Tired of wasting money on what she calls the “perfume graveyard” Scentbird’s female founder, Mariya Nurislamova, created the fragrance subscription company so that others could explore and experiment with a new scent each month, in a way that costs less for you and the environment.

Mushroom Revival

Mushroom Revival’s first customer was its founder, Alex Dorr. He discovered the active ingredients inside mushrooms were the answer to the low levels of energy that had been holding him back for years. He has since dedicated himself to spreading the word about functional mushrooms — fungi that hold health benefits beyond nutrition — to help change the lives and minds of others.

Although the legal status of psilocybin currently prevents its use, Mushroom Revival has become an industry leader by formulating a wide range of products that tap into enough active ingredients to change the way you feel about your world. All of their products are 100 percent USDA organic (meaning they’re made with actual mushrooms) and contain no grain, fillers, or fluff.


Right now, emissions are unavoidable but reducing and offsetting your carbon footprint is a way to take control of your emissions and live sustainably. Wren is a company that’s helping to move the needle, giving power to the people to help reverse the effects of climate change by offering an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint.

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