How to make a real difference on climate change? Join the wren project

Have you ever wondered what you could do to make a real difference on climate change? If you’re anything like us, you’re pretty environmentally aware and concerned enough to do what you think are the right things, like sorting the recycling, riding a bike to work, or tending a miniature jungle of houseplants.

By now, you also probably thought that climate issues would somehow be solved by others – like the government, scientists, or someone. Even with passionate activists like Greta Thunberg constantly pushing the agenda with world leaders, the reality is that no single person can end the climate crisis on their own – but we can all make a difference together. Don’t know where to start? Read on.

Approachable actions for climate crisis

Right now, emissions are unavoidable but reducing and offsetting your carbon footprint is a way to take control of your emissions and live sustainably. Wren is a company that’s helping to move the needle, giving power to the people to help reverse the effects of climate change by offering an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint.

If you’re not already familiar with carbon emissions, essentially how we live, what we eat and spend money on adds up to us emitting a certain amount of CO2. The big idea behind carbon offsets is that you can balance out those emissions by removing the same amount of CO2 from the atmosphere or by preventing it from entering the atmosphere.

Becoming carbon neutral with Wren is easy:

●      Use their calculator to understand your own impact and how that fits into the world

●      Create a profile on their website

●      Become a monthly subscriber and make a difference by helping them fund a wide range of climate solutions



From tree planting and rainforest protection to mineral weathering, each project is ‘Wren Guaranteed’, meaning that if any project doesn’t offset as much CO2 as planned, they’ll let you know, and fund another project to make up the difference.

Built on the tenets of living sustainably, funding climate solutions and pushing for change, Wren is focused on creating immediate, real impact. In fact, they are so dedicated to this that they became a Public Benefit Corporation with a legally-binding charter and full transparency so you can be sure they put impact above profit.

Subscribing to change

Government funding is still needed but in the meantime, Wren acts as a crowdfunder for climate change to kickstart action – and this is where you come in. As a monthly subscriber, you’ll help fund critical carbon reduction projects.

Each month, you’ll get an “impact update” email sharing the progress your money is helping achieve so you can trust that they’re making you carbon neutral. All it takes is a few minutes to create a profile, become a monthly subscriber and – voila! –  you’re officially part of the movement to tackle our climate crisis. Win! And, you’ll get all the good feels knowing you’re doing your part.

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