Wondering how you can receive rewards by losing weight? Check out Healthy Wage

Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight understands the power of motivation. It’s what keeps us focused on our goals and carries us through the temptations that arise on the road to a healthier life. Finding and maintaining that motivation isn’t easy, but thanks to HealthyWage, the benefits can be physically — and financially — rewarding.

“At 278.8 pounds, I was miserable,” said Kristin W., a HealthyWage customer at the outset of her journey. “I couldn’t really play with my nieces the way I wanted to and walking upstairs winded me. I avoided pictures or would work to make sure I was in the back so my head was all that was visible. Living that way is no fun.”

Fortunately for Kristin — and more than 450,000 other happy customers — HealthyWage has found a better way to lose weight.

Money matters

The company was inspired by a ground-breaking study in the Journal of the American Medical Association that found that dieters with a financial incentive to lose weight were almost five times more likely to achieve their goals than those without money on the line. This group lost, on average, three times more weight than those without their eyes on a prize.

The founders of HealthyWage quickly realized that the key to success was a willingness to put your money where your mouth is by making a bet on the one thing you have control over — yourself. The company has since become a leading provider of cash-incentivized wellness challenges that have been embraced by Fortune 500 companies and a wide range of industries that all have one thing in common: They put a premium on results.

The bottom line

HealthyWager, the company’s most popular challenge, does the very same thing by letting you bet on your ability to lose weight. Their website features a calculator that helps you figure out how much you think you can lose, how much of your money you’re willing to wager, and how much you stand to gain if you succeed. The more you bet, the more you can win. Customers must commit to losing at least 10 percent of their current weight over a minimum of six months as HealthyWage believes this duration is the key to making changes that stand the test of time. They want this to be the last weight-loss wager you’ll ever make.

It worked for Kristen who no longer feels the need to hide in the background after losing 114.5 pounds. “As of this morning, I have officially won my HealthyWage bet and $4,000!” she said at the end of her challenge. “I now get asked to ‘play run’ with my nieces and love every second of the fact that I can keep up! I am so excited to be feeling great and to being able to call myself a runner. My bet was great motivation!”

Finding your true self

HealthyWage has already paid out over $50-million while helping countless customers lose more than a combined two million pounds. The data-driven company is constantly applying the latest research to ensure its challenges are as effective and rewarding as possible. It is currently testing fitness content, meaning you’ll also get access to The Fitness App, a diet coach and meal planner featuring popular personal trainer Jillian Michaels. All you need to do is accept the challenge.

“The competitive aspect along with the prospect of winning money (and losing it!) were just enough for me to get going,” said Darchelle W., another happy customer who won $2,000 by losing 44 pounds in six months. “By investing in myself each month for the wager, something within me shifted toward caring for myself, valuing myself, and fighting for myself in ways that have gotten me back to my true self, my true figure. I feel so grateful.”

You will, too, once you’re ready to place a bet on HealthyWage — and yourself.


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