Bored of your everyday perfume? Try new fragrances every month with Scentbird

Just like the clothes you wear, scent is a mood. Depending on the energy you’re feeling or the vibe you want to give, you might want your fragrance to evoke a sense of sophisticated chic or flirty playfulness – and anything in between.

Also, like fashion, wearing the same scent for too long can get…boring. Finding something new usually means a trip to the fragrance department, sniffing testers until you’ve gone nose blind, and committing to yet another expensive full-size bottle that may end up collecting dust on the dresser.


Build your fragrance library 

Playing the fragrance field is expensive and the folks of Scentbird know this all too well. That’s why they created a practical and fun solution for even the pickiest noses out there. You can date as many luxury fragrances as you like, without the commitment. And, when you find ‘the one’ – they’ve got you covered with ongoing online deals.

Scentbird offers an easy way for people to reduce waste and save money by subscribing to a 30-day supply of fragrances every month. Tired of wasting money on what she calls the “perfume graveyard” Scentbird’s female founder, Mariya Nurislamova, created the fragrance subscription company so that others could explore and experiment with a new scent each month, in a way that costs less for you and the environment.

Her commitment to the planet extends to other startup businesses such as Sanctuary – a fragrance brand on a mission to save animals threatened with extinction – and that smells pretty good to us.

How it works

Scentbird’s team of experts curates the top designer and niche fragrances on the market, for men and women. To help narrow down your choice, you can take a quick quiz to determine which scent you might like best. Then, simply activate your subscription, and each month, pick a new scent. Each 8 ml atomizer is perfectly sized for travel and holds about 140 sprays, which is typically enough to last until your next order if you spray 4 times per day, every day …

You can indulge in authentic, new designer scents every month for just $15.95 and, as a new member, you’ll get 50% off for your first month, plus a free sleek, refillable case. No commitment. No hidden fees. Cancel anytime. Swipe right on that.


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