Feeling off? Mushroom Revival a supplement for all your problems through the power of organic mushrooms

If you’re not feeling like yourself these days, you’re not alone. Life is difficult at the best of times and these are definitely not the best of times. When the stress and anxiety we face on a daily basis becomes too difficult to manage, our mental and physical health can deteriorate to the point where we are no longer living but simply surviving.

Conventional wisdom tells us we need to stop and smell the roses. Mushroom Revival, on the other hand, knows these turbulent times call for something a little more potent. The eco-friendly company has a simple mission: To help customers revive their health and find their best selves through the power of mushrooms.

Mushroom Revival’s first customer was its founder, Alex Dorr. He discovered the active ingredients inside mushrooms were the answer to the low levels of energy that had been holding him back for years. He has since dedicated himself to spreading the word about functional mushrooms — fungi that hold health benefits beyond nutrition — to help change the lives and minds of others.

Although the legal status of psilocybin currently prevents its use, Mushroom Revival has become an industry leader by formulating a wide range of products that tap into enough active ingredients to change the way you feel about your world. All of their products are 100 percent USDA organic (meaning they’re made with actual mushrooms) and contain no grain, fillers, or fluff.

A product for every problem

Feeling a little off? The answer to what ails you can probably be found in the Mushroom Mix Daily 10, one of the company’s most popular tinctures. Just two drops of this tried-and-true blend of 10 different mushrooms will boost your immune system, support sustained energy levels, and elevate your mood. The company offers three other tinctures — Cordyceps Energy, Reishi Calm, and Lion’s Mane Focus — each of which provides a wealth of different benefits, including relaxation, metabolic function, and gut health.

If tinctures aren’t your thing, Mushroom Revival is also the world’s first supplier of USDA organic mushroom capsules. One of its most popular products, Lion’s Mane Focus, supports mental clarity and cognitive function to help you focus on the finish line in the middle of a long day. You can also find capsule versions of Cordyceps Energy and the Mushroom Daily 10, which offer a range of health benefits, from athletic performance to immune function.

Boosting your well-being won’t break the bank, either. New customers get 10% off their first purchase and most products earn an added discount when bundled together: 5% off two packs, 10% off three packs, 15% off four-packs, and 20% off five packs. All of their products are third-party lab tested and include a no B.S. money-back guarantee that will already have you feeling better about life.

The seeds of change

Mushroom Revival doesn’t just talk the talk, it walks the walk by planting a tree for every product sold. Trees and fungi have been intertwined since the dawn of time, sharing resources and fighting climate change by containing 70% of carbon in the soil. The company has already planted more than 43,000 trees, lifting landscapes and spirits all over the world.

If you can’t improve your mood by standing inside one of their budding forests, do the next best thing and see what their products can do.


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