Better gaming experience with Opera GX web browser

Nothing ruins a gaming session faster than coming face to face with a big boss just as your computer is slowing to a crawl. And while every gaming rig shows its age sooner or later, that doesn’t mean it’s time to retire from the battle — not when Opera is standing by with reinforcements to speed up your system and get you back in the game.

The innovative company has been making award-winning web browsers for years and its latest offering, Opera GX, is no exception. Designed specifically with gamers in mind, the free browser comes loaded with fantastic features and powerful perks that will put you back in charge of your gaming experience.

Opera GX does this by using built-in limiters that give gamers — and everyone else — precise control over how much CPU, RAM and network bandwidth their browser uses, including a tab-by-tab breakdown of anything that may be slowing the system down.

The ability to leave Opera GX running in the background without compromising performance sounds like the perfect recipe to Amanda Atkins, a 32-year-old gamer who takes to Twitch three times a week to broadcast gameplay from her aging computer.

“There’s nothing worse than realizing the stream quality is dropping because I forgot that I have, like, four things downloading in the background that I completely forgot about,” says Atkins, who is better known as FairytaleFelon online. “I’ve actually stopped streams before because I wasn’t 100 percent sure what is going on. Specifically being able to see what’s using what at any given time and being able to limit things — that’s awesome. Having that control all in one consolidated place is huge.”

In addition to helping her keep tabs on her tabs, Atkins also likes the way Twitch, Discord, and the most popular messenger apps — including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram — are built directly into the browser’s sidebar, giving her quick access to her friends and followers, regardless of whether she’s streaming or just enjoying a private round of Dark Souls. “Having all of that in one spot is really cool,” Atkins says. “Right now a lot of notifications go to my phone but it would be nice to not constantly hear my phone buzzing and have it not be as distracting. Especially if I’m in the middle of something.”

Regardless of what you’re doing online, Opera GX’s built-in VPN and adblocker will make the entire experience safer and more enjoyable. “That’s amazing,” Atkins says. “I’m not a huge streamer by any means but I’ve definitely had people who have come in and made me feel uncomfortable. After a situation or two, it’s nice to know that that’s built-in and that it’s really easy to switch on and off.”

Everything in Opera GX is easy to switch on and off. The highly customizable browser, which runs on Windows 10 and macOS, includes a range of color schemes, saved workspaces, and the ability to smoothly sync tabs, bookmarks, and data across multiple platforms. The browser lets you view websites in dark mode and even includes the option to play ambient background music that increases in intensity the more actively you use it.

If that’s not enough, Opera GX also boasts a Gamer Corner that includes the latest gaming news and a release calendar to ensure you don’t miss the next big title from your favorite developer. Add it all up and you have a browser built to meet all your gaming needs — including a few you probably didn’t know you had. “I’m absolutely going to download this,” Atkins says. “It sounds cool as hell.”

When you’re ready to jumpstart your OS and take your browser game to the next level, Opera GX will be waiting for you.


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