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Parenting is hard work. In between school runs, runny noses, and playdates, you’re occupied with thoughts about how to help your kids develop new skills or explore their creative side. All of this happens as you juggle your career and other responsibilities.  

Sound familiar? First, know that you are not alone. Millions of other parents are in the same boat, all trying to figure it out. Second, because we are SomeGoodBuys, we’re going to share a great product we think can help you out. Keep reading, a good buy this way cometh! 

The Prodigy Afterschool Program

After School programs are proven to promote kids’ development. Allowing them to deepen their knowledge, explore new interests and even increase their earning potential when they enter their careers. One of the most innovative yet affordable providers of this service is Prodigy Afterschool. 

Prodigy’s innovative, live-streaming afterschool programs open up a world of possibilities for your kids. Prodigy provides all children with the opportunity to learn new skills, excel in their interests and deepen their knowledge, all from the comfort of your home. It also gives you some extra free time to get a breather.

Their rich curriculum includes Math Tricks, Magic, Yoga, Ukulele, Drawing, Painting, Arts & Crafts, Kung Fu, Spanish, Chinese & More. In addition, you can access more advanced Masterclasses in Piano, Violin, Ballet, Guitar, Singing, Music Theory, etc. Classes are taught by experts in child development and world-renowned professionals.

Prodigy understands that access to high-quality programs is not always equitable, so their three great packages are pocket-friendly, giving families of all different backgrounds a chance at high-level programming, leveling the playing field!

All of Prodigy’s programs include 15 afterschool courses. The Afterschool Premium Program gives you access to this, plus two masterclass courses. With the Masterclass Program, you get access to all afterschool and masterclass courses, plus, you’ll get two VIP one-on-one masterclass sessions!

And, that’s not all! These live-streaming classes are available seven days a week and can be accessed on-demand after broadcast. You are free to make up your schedule to meet your family’s needs.

Sign up your little David Blaines and Misty Copelands with our special discount SGBLEARN to get 85% off the Afterschool Program, 80% off the Afterschool Program premium and $85 off the Masterclass Program. You can now enjoy some long-overdue and much-deserved quiet time while the kids are on the road to making fantastic discoveries in the science lab or maybe even making it all the way to Juilliard!

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