Looking for premium vegan leather products? Search no more. Meet The Vegan Warehouse

The Why  

Vegan Warehouse was founded in 2017 in Hoboken, NJ, by Carl & Ewelina Augustin. In 2010, when Ewelina went Vegan, she struggled to find vegan alternatives to her household staples that were easily accessible and affordable. She wished to see a single marketplace that aggregated all the vegan essentials she was looking for.

Fast forward seven years, after partnering with Carl, they decided to create this marketplace themselves, with the mission to simplify the lives of all vegans out there.

The Mission 

Vegan Warehouse believes in providing affordable vegan products across all categories. Their mission is to create an all-encompassing marketplace that simplifies and promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Why Shop at Vegan Warehouse?

  1. The Vegan Warehouse does the work of filtering for you.


Vegan Warehouse believes that veganism is a lifestyle that goes far beyond just diet. It encompasses everyday products such as personal care, clothing, or household essentials. The majority of personal care items currently on the market are either tested on animals, contain animal by-products, or both.

The non-vegan ingredients are commonly found in your daily essentials:

Beauty & Makeup

Glycerin – obtained from animal fat, this is a common ingredient in soaps, hair care, and moisturizers.

Shellac – obtained from lac bugs, this product is used in nail polish and hairspray

Casein – derived from cow’s milk, this ingredient is prevalent in hair conditioners and face masks. 

Stearic Acid – obtained from pigs’ stomachs, it is commonly found in deodorants and moisturizers. 

Collagen – derived from animal tissue, bone, or ligaments, this ingredient is used in anti-aging products

Household & Lifestyle

Leather – used to manufacture handbags, shoes and accessories, most leather is obtained unethically and greatly contributes to the suffering of animals.

Tallow – rendered beef fat, often used in detergent and candles.

Benzoic Acid – obtained from animal vertebrates, a common ingredient in perfumes. 

Boar Bristles – hog hair, used to make toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and body brushes. 

Fatty Acids – a mixture of animal fat used in many cleaning products.  

You will never find any of these ingredients in any vegan warehouse products.

  1. Support a worthy cause

A part of their profit is donated to animal sanctuaries.

Vegan Warehouse supports the Catskills Animal Sanctuary through the sponsorship of rescued animals. 

When you shop with The Vegan Warehouse, you help them provide food and veterinary care resources for rescued animals. Just like Lily. 

  1. Earn Rewards with Vegan Warehouse

Once you become a member of Vegan Warehouse insider, you can earn points and receive discounts on Referrals. 

This is Lily – a Catskill Animal Sanctuary resident recently sponsored by The Vegan Warehouse

How to earn points on Vegan Warehouse:

Ready to go vegan? Here’s an excellent place to start.

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